SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper Build For PVP

by admin on March 15, 2012

Imperial Agent Sniper PVP BuildIn this post we are going to give you a build for PVP that you can use for the Imperial Agent Sniper in SWTOR. This is a follow on build as I made an Imperial Agent Sniper Leveling build a few days ago.

Now before I post the build remember that with PVP it is nearly all down to preference. When you start putting your points on at level 10 as a Sniper in SWTOR if you are leveling you will go pure DPS and the same is true with PVP BUT you can mix it up as you will find your own playstyle.

Who is this build for?

This PVP build is for anyone that is new to the game and that is getting owned in warzones! So if you are new to using the Agent Sniper is SWTOR give this build a go point for point and you will be more of a match!

SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper Build:

Hope you enjoy this build and let me know if you want anymore?

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