SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper PVP Build 1.6

by admin on January 15, 2013

SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper 1.6 BuildThis post will give you a build for the Imperial Agent in SWTOR and the advanced class we are covering is the Sniper. This is a decent PVP build that you can use in patch 1.6 which will give you an awesome crowd control AoE build.

SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper PVP Build 1.6

PVP Stat Priority: Expertise > Cunning >= Accuracy (105%) > Crit (30%) = Surge (75%) > Power/Tech Power

We continue to choose an Eng build for the mobility, and because you don’t rely so much on cover mechanics. The primary advantage of using this build is area control — meaning taking/defending objectives, and generally doing tons of AoE damage. You’re not a great duelist, so avoiding 1v1 fights when possible is ideal. However, this build is great for seeing the “big numbers”, as well as being a general asset to your teams ability to complete objectives and win the game. You’ll also accumulate more than a handful of medals in the process, making this one of the most rewarding specs for gaining valor.

Basic Rotation: Scatter Shot > Explosive Probe > Orbital Strike > Series of Shots (to detonate Cluster Bombs) > Corrosive Dart > Interrogation Probe > Plasma Probe > Takedown (if enemy is below 30% health)

Naturally, this is a best case scenario where you can complete your max damage rotation without being targetted or interrupted. Flexibility is key in PVP, so be prepared to have to break your rotation often to move, change targets, or defend yourself.

Multiple Target/AOE Rotation: Orbital Strike > Interrogation Probe > Fragmentation Grenade

Defensive Cooldowns: 
Ballistic Shield- creates a field around you that reduces all damage taken by you and allies by 20%. Great if you’re near other range DPS or healers.
Shield Probe – a shield that absorbs a medium amount of damage, good if you find yourself taking significant damage.
Evasion – great to avoid damage, especially versus melee classes.

If you want a COMPLETE set of builds for 1.6 for ALL classes, video guides and an EXTENSIVE Leveling guide as well as a community forum see our SWTOR Savior Review:


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