SWTOR Jedi Knight Sentinel DPS Build – Build For Leveling And DPS…

by admin on December 11, 2011

Jedi Knight Sentinel Build

Jedi Knight Sentinel Build

Hey guys,

Got another post for you today that will give you a build for the Jedi Knight Sentinel advanced class and it is focused on DPS. If you are looking for a Jedi Knight Guardian build then you will find one through that link.

Got plenty more builds coming as well but for now let us talk about this Sentinel DPS build – the sentinel class actually is a through and through DPS class and relies on quick attacks and lots of manuverbility to down their foes.

They are better taking on enemies in small groups or ideally one to one. The cool thing is that they can dual wield lightsabers and you will notice with this build I make the light saber very strong in your off hand…

Check out the build:

Jedi Knight Sentinel DPS Build

Here are some links to more builds:

SWTOR Jedi Knight Guardian Build

Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer Build

Also if you want to level fast and get a whole library of good builds check out the SWTOR Savior Guide.

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