SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel 1.7 Leveling Build

by admin on March 3, 2013

smuggler Scoundrel 1.7 levelingThis post will give you a leveling build for the Smuggler Scoundrel for the 1.7 patch. We will give you the point allocation and then we will show you the rotations in order to use the build effectively.


3/3 No Holds Barred
2/2 Hold Out Defense
2/2 Dirty Escape
2/2 Mortal Wound
1/1 Open Wound
1/1 Shrap Bomb
2/2 Street Tough
2/2 Cheap Shots
3/3 Blackmarket Equipment
2/2 Fighting Spirit
2/2 Smuggled Defences
1/1 Wounding Shots
2/2 Rough And Tumble
2/2 Nice Try
3/3 Cold Blooded
1/1 Haemorrhaging Blast
3/3 Brow Beater
2/2 Element Of Surprize
2/2 Scrappy
3/3 Bedside Manner


Single Target:

Pugnacity > Blaster Whip > Shrap Bomb > Vital Shot > Haemorrhaging Blast > Wounding Shot > Back Blast > Flurry Of Bolts

Try and keep your Energy regen active as much as possible. Try to stay above 70 and you can use Flurry of bolts if below 50 energy.

Multiple Target Rotation:

XS freighter Flyby > Shrap Bomb > Thermal Grenade > Blaster Whip > Blaster Volley

Survival Options:

Defence Screen




Disappearing Act

You can view more buildsĀ HERE.

If you want a COMPLETE set of builds for 1.7 for ALL classes, video guides and an EXTENSIVE Leveling guide as well as a community forum see ourĀ SWTOR Savior Review:



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